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Task Efficiency

In a fast-paced work environment, task efficiency is paramount to ensure timely and accurate service delivery. DC Vision, a pioneering application leveraging Augmented Reality (AR), Digital Twin technologies, and a seamless connection to the data center infrastructure management (DCIM) or any other IT Asset Management backend, employing API-based connectors combined with Ticketing systems, offers a robust solution to significantly enhance task efficiency. By minimizing rework and promoting precision, DC Vision aids in amplifying task efficiency by 40%, enabling engineers to execute their tasks accurately the first time. This use case delves into how DC Vision’s integration with DCIM and Ticketing systems, along with its AR and Digital Twin technologies, streamlines operations, ensuring engineers have the requisite information and tools at their fingertips. Converging all sources of information and processes into one interface, DC Vision facilitates a frictionless process, propelling a Digital Native experience for engineers, eliminating the need for traditional methods like pen, paper, printouts, or post-its.

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Organization, operating a a data center/ co-lo/ edge/ server rooms/ IDFs/ MDFs with a myriad of hardware assets, faces challenges in task efficiency due to reworks and lack of precise information at the engineers' disposal. The goal is to optimize task execution and minimize errors.


  • Reduce rework and enhance precision in task execution.
  • Provide engineers with accurate and immediate information to perform tasks correctly the first time.
  • Streamline access to necessary documentation and real-time feedback. 

Solution - DC Vision Deployment:

  • Integration with IT Asset Management and Ticketing Systems:
    • DC Vision is integrated with the existing backend systems, ensuring that all task-related information is centralized and easily accessible.
    • Engineers receive real-time updates on their tasks through the Ticketing system integration, enabling them to prioritize and manage their workload efficiently.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) Utilization:
    • Engineers, equipped with AR-enabled devices running DC Vision, are provided with an augmented view of the physical environment.
    • The AR overlay displays crucial information such as asset details, task instructions, and the location of components, facilitating accurate task execution. 
  • Digital Twin Technology:
    • DC Vision's Digital Twin technology creates a virtual replica of the data center, allowing engineers to visualize the task environment digitally before engaging physically.
    • Engineers can explore and interact with the digital twin to understand the task requirements better, preparing them for the actual task.
  • Access to Documentation:
    • DC Vision provides immediate access to necessary user manuals and documentation, aiding engineers in understanding the task requirements and executing them accurately.
  • Real-Time Feedback:
    • Upon task completion, DC Vision provides immediate feedback to engineers regarding the accuracy and completeness of the task, allowing for instant corrections if necessary.
  • Frictionless Process & Digital Native Experience:
    • By amalgamating all sources of information and processes into one interface, DC Vision empowers engineers with a frictionless process.
    • The Digital Native experience provided by DC Vision eradicates the need for pen, paper, printouts, or post-its, modernizing the workflow and enhancing task efficiency.


  • Drastic reduction in rework, saving time and resources.
  • Enhanced precision and accuracy in task execution.
  • Improved engineer confidence and productivity.

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Through the deployment of DC Vision by DC Smarter, Organizations successfully addresses its task efficiency challenges. By integrating with existing DCIM and Ticketing systems and leveraging AR and Digital Twin technologies, DC Vision provides a holistic and futuristic solution. Engineers now have real-time access to essential information, user manuals, and immediate feedback, significantly reducing rework and ensuring tasks are done right the first time. The infusion of a frictionless process and a Digital Native experience through DC Vision has led to a notable 40% increase in task efficiency, ushering Organizations towards operational excellence.

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