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Remote Assist and Training

In contemporary operational landscapes, enabling real-time support and effective training for field engineers is crucial for ensuring optimal performance and knowledge transfer. DC Vision, enriched with Augmented Reality (AR), Digital Twin technologies, and seamless integration capabilities, emerges as a pivotal tool for not only providing remote assistance but also for expediting the training process of junior engineers. By connecting field engineers to remote experts and senior colleagues via integrations like Microsoft Teams or Webex, DC Vision facilitates real-time collaboration and training, allowing immediate problem-solving, support, and knowledge transfer. This use case explores how DC Vision’s remote assistance and training features enhance operational efficiency and training efficacy within a data center/ co-lo/ edge/ server rooms/ IDFs/ MDFs with a myriad of hardware assets.

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  • Organization operates a data center/ co-lo/ edge/ server rooms/ IDFs/ MDFs with a myriad of hardware assets where field engineers, especially the junior or new ones, often encounter technical challenges requiring expert assistance and training for resolution.
  • The conventional process of training and seeking remote support is time-consuming and often lacks the real-time visual context necessary for effective problem-solving and learning.


  • Enable real-time remote support and training for field engineers.
  • Streamline the process of connecting with remote experts and senior engineers for training purposes.
  • Provide a visual understanding of the on-ground situation to remote experts and senior engineers for accurate guidance and training.

Solution - DC Vision Deployment:

  • Integration with Communication Platforms:
    • DC Vision is integrated with communication platforms like Microsoft Teams or Webex, enabling a one-click connection between field engineers, remote experts, and senior engineers.
    • The simple interface allows field engineers to initiate a support or training request effortlessly, connecting them to the operational center for real-time assistance and learning.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) Utilization:
    • Upon connection, AR technology within DC Vision provides a visual overlay of the situation on the ground to the remote experts and senior engineers.
    • Remote experts and senior engineers can visualize the scenario, annotate, and provide guidance through AR overlays, aiding the field engineer in navigating through the technical challenge and learning the ropes.
  • Digital Twin Technology:
    • The digital twin representation of the environment allows remote experts and senior engineers to virtually navigate the environment, understanding the context better.
    • This virtual replica provides an additional layer of visual information, enabling precise guidance, collaborative problem-solving, and effective training.
  • Real-Time Collaboration and Training:
    • The integration facilitates real-time video, audio, and data sharing between the field engineer and remote experts or senior engineers.
    • The collaborative environment created by DC Vision ensures that the field engineer receives accurate and immediate guidance for problem resolution and training, under the supervision of seasoned engineers.


  • Significantly reduced resolution time owing to real-time remote assistance.
  • Accelerated training process for junior and new engineers under the supervision of experienced colleagues.
  • Enhanced accuracy in problem-solving and improved operational efficiency.

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The deployment of DC Vision by DC Smarter has revolutionized the way Organizations addresses on-ground technical challenges and conducts training for its field engineers. By seamlessly integrating with communication platforms and leveraging AR and Digital Twin technologies, DC Vision enables a real-time, visual collaboration and training environment. This not only accelerates problem resolution and the training process but also enhances the accuracy and effectiveness of the support and training provided. The ability to visually navigate, collaboratively address issues, and expedite the training of new engineers, no matter where the experts are located, signifies a monumental stride towards achieving operational excellence and a robust support and training structure.

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75% reduced rework and human error, 40% increased task efficiency for field engineers.


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