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Enhanced IT Inventory Management

DC Vision® simplifies and optimizes IT documentation management in companies. Based on leading inventory solutions, we implement automated processes that provide you with reliable data at all times. Companies with KRITIS obligations thereby meet all requirements concerning documentation management. Reliable and timely.


Background: NIS 2 and KRITIS

Documentation management in data centers is becoming increasingly important. In the fight against cybercrime and to protect the people of Europe, the European Union significantly expanded the previously valid Network and Information Security (NIS) directive at the end of 2022. It defines minimum standards that must be met with regard to the cybersecurity of critical infrastructures and imposes penalties if these are disregarded. Documentation management plays a central role in this. And this for many more organizations than before: up to 29,000 companies in Germany are now classified as critical infrastructure under the NIS 2 directive.

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Swift action is required: Companies that combine their documentation management system with digital twin technology update their IT documentation twice as quickly and always have up-to-date data.

Documentation is time-consuming

Following the motto 'You can't protect what you don't know', especially KRITIS operators need to know which IT systems they operate and document exactly where the components are located. Network scans with discovery tools do provide the logical structure of the network, but the software does not recognize where the components are physically located. Moreover, network scanners are often not allowed in secure networks. Even if companies use a Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) system, classic inventory must be carried out at regular intervals to meet KRITIS requirements. This represents a considerable time and personnel effort for the companies. There is also a risk that there will be gaps in the documentation when it is urgently needed.

Digitization with a Digital Twin

With the technology of the digital twin, these problems can be avoided. The physical IT racks in the data center are digitally reconstructed. These are then enriched with all technical and organizational information about the installed components. DC Vision® uses mixed reality to quickly and easily access the data. If you hold a mobile device in front of the rack, the exact 3D representation of all components appears, the relevant information is displayed and can be updated directly. Inspections and updates of the current documentation can be carried out with every work order by the IT or technical team on site - without any media disruption - directly in the respective system. Via interfaces to all common IT Inventory Management tools, all information can be incorporated into the documentation in real-time via DC Vision®. The common data base of technology and IT avoids friction points and loss of information.

Comprehensive Consulting

Protection against threats in cyberspace starts locally in your data center. Enhanced IT Inventory Management with DC Vision® secures your infrastructure, saves time and money, and avoids penalties for critical infrastructure companies. Our experts provide comprehensive advice on all aspects of DCIM and similar tools. We cooperate with leading manufacturers, implement their solutions, and, in combination with DC Vision®, create a future-oriented, efficient Enhanced IT Inventory Management solution. We migrate the required data and supplement your processes in IT service management with a focus on inventory processes.


Here is an overview of our services: 

  • Automated IT asset discovery with our partner solution from Device42
  • Data migration from existing inventory solutions to DCIM solutions from Schneider Electric, Device42, FNT, Sunbird, Netbox
  • Introduction of DCIM solutions from our partners Schneider Electric, Device42, FNT, Sunbird, Netbox
  • Logical and physical verification of IT inventory for completeness and accuracy
  • Consulting services for selecting your DCIM solution
  • Integration and optimization of ServiceNow, Jira IT service management processes concerning inventory in the context of data centers and the telecommunications industry

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